Peace. Love. Hair. grew out of the belief that beautiful, of-the-moment style doesn't have to come with a helping of pretension and stress!  It is about peace for all and loving yourself- and feeling that your salon and stylist can help you get there.  It's a place where you can zen out, catch up on work, or have some much-needed "girl-talk"'s all up to you.  We believe hair and beauty is an outward reflection of who we are on the inside, and we want to help you feel like your most authentic and beautiful self. 

The Peace. Love. Hair. experience includes complimentary refreshments, Wi-Fi and personal device charging stations at each stylist's chair.  You can catch up on work, keep up with social media or peruse Pinterest to show your stylist the look you dream of!  

We are working toward being a Green certified salon.  We place a high value on creating a healthy and sustainable model in the beauty industry.  This benefits not only us, as professionals, and you as our clients, but also the world and humanity at large!  

We know from experience that the best advertising, hands-down, is word-of-mouth.  With that in mind, we not only know that our reputation and success lies in EVERY client leaving happy, but we want to thank you in a concrete way for talking us up to friends (and strangers) who are bound to ask where you get your hair done!   The Peace. Love. Hair. Referral program rewards you with products and discounts for sending new clients our way.  Ask your stylist for more information!  

Salon Policies


Our stylists block out their days to ensure you are able to maintain your style and look your best.  Just like your time, theirs is highly valuable so we request the courtesy of notifying us at least 24 hours in advance if you need to change or cancel your appointment.  This means another wait-listed client might be able to get in, and we're sure you'd like to have that luck the next time you are desperate to get an appointment!  Less than 24 hours notice may result in full service charges.  

We all love children-the human and furry, four-legged variety.  However,  if you need to bring your pet, please notify us in advance (preferably when you first schedule the appointment) so we can make sure we can accommodate you comfortably.  Children are by appointment only, please retain child care prior to your appointment.  Salons can pose risk to your little ones including but not limited to: harmful chemicals, hot irons and sharp scissors.

Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Friday 9:30 - 8:00

Saturday 9:30 - 5:00